GBT – the new scale and polish

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Hello, I bet you are curious about what GBT means….. It stands for Guided Biofilm Therapy….. now I bet you are wondering what this even means….. let me tell you about the most effective scale and polish available at Skye Dental, by Dr Andrew Doig.

So Guided Biofilm Therapy is a complex term to understand but once you understand what Biofilm is, then it is simple to understand. Biofilm is the layer of plaque and bacteria on your teeth, which contributes to dental decay, gingivitis and periodontal disease if not treated effectively. We will be using the terms GBT and Biofilm, a lot in this article. Usually we brush our teeth and floss 2 times a day to remove the biofilm. When we don’t do it effectively enough, that’s when the biofilm builds up and then becomes more difficult to remove by yourself.


GBT involves a few steps in assisting the removal of the biofilm:


  1. Assess – full examination and probing of the gums to test for areas of gum disease.
  2. Disclosing involves staining the biofilm and plaque/tartar with a special dye, that only stains these parts so when we wash it off, the areas of build-up are very obvious (see pic below)
  3. Motivation will involve showing the patient the stained plaque and biofilm, as well as highlighting the areas where they can brush or clean more effectively – Dr Andrew can advise how to clean better by giving oral hygiene instruction
  4. Airflow is the most effective way to remove all the biofilm, using a unique patented powder technology that safely removes stubborn biofilm, stains and calculus at the same time.
  5. Perioflow is the method of using Airflow in deeper pockets where conventional cleaning instruments cannot reach.
  6. Piezon is the most minimally invasive cleaning instrument on the market, used to remove harder tartar deposits.
  7. We check the teeth again, just to make sure all biofilm and bacterial deposits have been removed. We can even stain the teeth again with the disclosing agent, just to be sure.
  8. Recall is very important – we want you to continue to have healthy gums, so it is so important to keep coming back on a routine basis (for most people it is every 6 months).

We mentioned some interesting terms in the process….. Airflow and Piezon. So what do these actually mean? They are the 2 components of our Airflow Prophylaxis Master machine (below).



The Airflow system uses a mixture of powder and water to effectively remove biofilm and stains, leaving teeth feeling smoother and looking cleaner than before. It is the most pain-free and comfortable method to remove all of the above

As well as being effective, it is also gentle on the teeth. Look at this scan of the surfaces of teeth treated with conventional “polishing cup and polishing paste” versus the Airflow method. You can see that there are scratches to the surface (middle picture) with conventional methods, but not with the Airflow (right picture). Dr Andrew has almost completely done away with the old-fashioned rubber cup and paste polishing method, making Airflow the gold standard in his practice.




This unique cleaning tool is the one that looks most similar to the conventional instrument but it has a difference in it’s operation and mechanics. It heats up the water supply to 40 degrees, making it much warmer than mains water. These factors make it the least painful and most minimally invasive scaling instrument. Dr Andrew likes to make sure his patients receive the best treatment whilst experiencing the least pain possible.

All of Dr Andrew’s patients who have experienced GBT have given rave reviews and feedback on it, saying it’s “less sensitive’, “more comfortable than the old way” and “more educational”. So whether you are having a routine scale and polish, or if you need help when you have your fixed orthodontic braces on, or you want to remove those bad stains from smoking or dietary factors, then just give us a call and book in your GBT session with Dr Andrew Doig at Skye Dental…. and feel the difference.

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