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A Smile Makeover

Do you have a special occasion coming up? Is it the big wedding day, a big birthday to celebrate or an important meeting or presentation? Whatever the special reason is, we believe that you should have your best smile on that day. At Skye Dental, we want to help you achieve that.

When we have great teeth, we don’t only look better, we feel better and we feel more confident. Of course there are nice pictures to take on the special day but we also want that confidence and happiness to radiate from you and people will be able to see that when you smile and laugh.

When planning for a Special Occasion, Dr Andrew and Dr May have to take into consideration some important details:


We want to hear what your concerns are, so we can collaborate with you and address them.


We want to know the time of your special day so we can work backward and develop a plan that is ideal for reaching our goals in enough time. Sometimes we don’t have enough time to complete everything, but we can certainly make enough changes that will be noticeable.


Sometimes you may not be sure exactly what it is that you wish to change, so our dentists can do full assessment and help you understand what it is that can be changed. Quite often, it can be a simple procedure and other times it can be a comprehensive makeover that will involve everyone on the Skye Dental team.

Once we have an idea of the above factors, we can draw up a plan and put it into practice. Here is an example of how your treatment might look like

Smile Makeover Treatments


Depending on the treatments to be done, we will need different amounts of lead time before the special day to make your smile picture perfect. Here are the different lead times for each treatment or desired outcome.


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