Slow Dentistry

Skye Dental is proud to be the first (and only) dental clinic in Singapore to be a member of the Slow Dentistry Global Network. Slow Dentistry doesn’t mean we do our procedures much slower, as I am sure patients would not necessarily want that. Slow Dentistry is an independent global network of dentists and clinics that share a philosophy aimed at building trust with patients, while providing a work ethic and cornerstones that benefit everyone. Here they are:

  1. Room Disinfection – Skye Dental has won awards and gained recognition for its high standards of infection control and disinfection, making sure that patients can experience their dental visit in a safe and clean environment.
  2. Informed Consent – We believe in transparency and making sure our patients have procedures explained well to them. Sometimes this means more paperwork for dentist and patient but it is so important for patient education.
  3. Proper anaesthesia – this involves making sure our patients are numb and do not feel any pain during a procedure. This is essential to patient comfort and a good dental experience. Even the anaesthetic can be painless when Dr Andrew uses The Wand to administer it (read about it on our other blog post).
  4. Rubber Dam – this is a barrier that we use to ensure the teeth are properly isolated and allows us to deliver more predictable and successful results as well as maintaining patient comfort for procedures. And if you have a latex allergy, don’t worry, ours is latex-free rubber dam. Ask Dr Andrew about it when you see him.

Slow Dentistry is changing the way dentists practice dentistry and the way patients are experiencing their dental appointments. Gold standard treatment is the future of oral healthcare.
We want to ensure you receive the best quality of dentistry available and this is by international gold standards, so let’s keep up with Slow Dentistry.

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