The Wand

Dental vsits are often associated with anticipated pain, especially if involves a dreaded injection. At Skye Dental, let’s make painful injections a thing of the past!

Let’s explore why patients are afraid of needles and local anaesthesia, and how using The Wand can help!

the wand

1. They’re afraid of the pain

Many patients think that pain during injections is due to the needle piercing through the skin or tissues. In fact, the stinging sensation felt during administration of local anaesthesia for dental procedures can be due to the anaesthetic solution being administered too quickly or forcefully.

Therefore, having a gentle dentist (like Dr Andrew!) helps. The Wand utilises a computer software to control the flow rate of the anaesthetic solution, delivering it at an optimum rate to reduce discomfort.

So, if you like Maths equations:

Slower Flow Rate = Increased Absorption Rate = Better Anaesthesia = More Comfort!

2. They’re afraid of seeing the dreaded needle

None of us like needles, unless you love acupuncture! The Wand makes the syringe look much a pen

Dr Andrew Doig can use The Wand to provide numbness required for your dental procedures and using this computerised anaesthetic delivery system, you will be surprised by the results. Patients have said their dental visits have never been better.

At Skye Dental, we aim to make your dental visit as comfortable as possible.